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Vaulted Ceilings



The SERIES SVC/PFVC Vaulted Ceiling System is the simplest and most economical method of achieving a dramatic effect in any corridor. The SERIES SVC/PFVC can be provided in two styles of finish as shown below. The more economical of the two systems, the SOFTFORMS® SVC, is provided with field finish taping flanges at all edges. THE SVC ceiling is roll-formed out of .090" thick sheet aluminum (typical) and is provided with a factory primed finish ready for field painting.



 Some of the finished available are:

Aluminum in .090" thickness (2.3mm)

   Painted in a high gloss polyurethane finish
   Painted in a Megaflon® flouropolymer finish
   Clear anodized finish
   Light, medium, or dark bronze Duranodic finish

Stainless Steel in 18ga - 16ga thickness (1.3mm - 1.6mm)

   Brushed to a #4 finish
   Polished to a #8 finish

Muntz Brass (60/40) in 16ga - 14ga thickness (1.3mm - 1.6mm)
(factory clearcoat available for an additional charge.)

   Brushed to a #4 finish
   Polished to a #8 finish