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Series SD Small Diameter Column Covers


The SERIES 2000 and the SERIES SD are Pittcon's small diameter column cover system. The SERIES 2000 column covers are an extruded aluminum product (6063 T-5) and are currently available in 7", 10" or 12" diameters. The SERIES SD column cover is a formed-sheet metal product available in diameters from 7-3/4" up to 14" where the SERIES 1500 or SERIES ECC takes over. Both column covers are available in the same wide selection of materials and finishes as their larger cousins.

Aluminum in .90" Standard Thickness (2.3mm)

  • Pattern Metal finish with Clear or Semi-transparent Clear-coat
  • Painted in PPG Coraflon® flouropolymer finish
  • Painted in a hi-gloss polyurethane finish
  • Clear satin anodized finish
  • Light, Medium, or dark bronze, or black anodized finish (clad to SERIES 2000)
  • Clad with matte or hi-gloss plastic laminate finishes
  • Clad with Belbien® vinyl laminate finishes
  • Clad with wood veneers (unfinished)
  • Primed finish for field painting

Stainless Steel in 16ga - 14ga Thickness (1.6mm - 1.9mm)

  • Pattern Metal finish
  • #4 brushed finish
  • #8 polished finish
  • Rigid-Tex® textured finish
  • Prismatic® colored finishes

Muntz Brass in 14ga - 12ga Thickness (1.5mm - 2mm)

  • #4 brushed finish
  • #8 polished finish
  • (factory clearcoat available for an additional charge)