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Series 9000 Ceramicsteel Column Covers


 Column Covers Clad with P3 Ceramicsteel by PolyVision Have:

  • A limited 20 year surface warranty for both interior and exterior application.
  • High performance and durability. The finish is abrasion, mar, ultra-violet and weather resistant, and mill not fade, crack, craze or peel. Especially effective against graffiti.
  • Non-porous surface that acts as a barrier against bacterial growth. USDA approved.
  • Low maintenance. The surface can be cleaned with any common cleaning agents for easy removal of dirt, oils or grease.
  • Fire resistance. The Ceramicsteel cladding has a Class A fire rating, with substructure of alloyed aluminum.
  • Acid and Chemical resistance. Class A or AA acid resistance. Resistant to surface erosion from salt, alkali, and chemicals.
  • Wide variety of colors in gloss or semi-gloss finishes. Ceramcisteel is offered in standard color selections or with custom color matching.


Made by Polyvision and supplied to Pittcon Industries by special arrangement, it is the perfect installation in high traffic or vulnerability areas. The column covers come with a choice of two joint configurations. The SIDE-LOCK version provides a vertical recessed reveal for those conditions where a decorative vertical reveal is desired (above left). The SNAP-FORM version provides a tight joint with an overlapping aluminum protector (above right) applicable for other column cover conditions.